Behind the revolution.

We redesigned the whole business travel experience from scratch.

Business travel is painful for most. Traditional agencies are slow and expensive, while digital interfaces are not very intuitive, inheriting from the excessive amount of complexity and customization that has been generated for the past 20 years.

Launched in 2017, Fairjungle applies the McKinsey x Apple method to this industry; taking a zero-based approach to make each stage of the business travel experience better, simpler and more efficient.

Meet the Team
Saad Berrada, Fairjungle's CEO & Co-founder
“Fairjungle has innovation at its core. Our solution disrupts one of the least efficient area in the corporate world, business travel. It took years of R&D and now it's done: we finally solved the issue, from A to Z.”
Saad Berrada, CEO & Co-founder

Our amazing team

Dimitri Kyriazis

Senior Account Executive

Inès Olivo-Marin

Business Developer

Natacha Nahoumovitch

Customer Success Analyst


Customer Success Analyst

Tom Bengaouer

Responsable Communication & Marketing

Sandrine Trang

Customer Success Manager

Caroline Chiacchierini

Customer Support Manager

Isa Moussa

Travel Specialist / Support Analyst

Anna Claus

Content Maker / Social Media Specialist

John Iversen

Growth Marketer

Jorge Da Costa

Customer Success Manager

Jessica Dibankui

Customer Success Manager

Flavie Boucher

Account Executive

Joana Amado

Senior Travel Specialist

Sophie Collin

Customer Success Analyst

Saad Berrada

CEO & Co-founder

Samir Idris

COO & Co-founder

Bertrand Guiheneuf

CTO & Co-founder

Sagar Chandaria

VP Sales & Director UK

Lucie Nuret

Customer Success Manager

Aymerick Jehanne

Senior Software Architect

Nicolas Cherel

Senior Software Developer

Marc Alexandre

Senior Software Developer

Helena Chiacchierini

Customer Success Specialist

Aurélie Amadeo

Business Developer

Line Itani

Growth Analyst

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